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We are trying something new on 

Saturday 11th April starting at 7.30pm

Alice Gullick Russell Sinclair

Vince Lee  Sound of the Sirens

Chris Bailey tribe logo


The Players

Chris Bailey, Alice Gullick, Vince Lee, Russ Sinclair, Sound of the Sirens

This will be the first of the Rumleigh Sessions - a mix of fantastic musicians playing short sets and jamming - entry will be by ticket on the door or online, with a discount for Rumleigh Tribe members 

On the door £7.00 and £5.00 for the Tribe and online £5.40

Sign up here to join the Tribe to join the Tribe

Online tickets: The Online Box Office

Or if you want to put your name on the door - speak to:

Keith Miller or Ben Harris


Quick Contact

+44 (0)1822 840749

Rumleigh Farm
Bere Alston
Devon PL20 7HN